Selecting A Home Speaker System

home audioThere are quite a lot of makes of home speaker systems you can find in the market today. For most people, turning to a salesman for advice is the only solution for them. While a salesman will certainly give you important insights into what you ought to look for in the speakers, their information is biased towards their product. They may not give you objective and sincere opinion of speakers that they themselves are selling.

Since these sound gadgets cost money, it is important to teach yourself about the most important things to consider when selecting a given sound system. You will first start by knowing the various kinds of speakers available in the market, as well as their features and functions.

The speakers that make up a home theater system are front speakers, right and left speakers, a sub-woofer as well as a pair of surround speakers. Depending on your needs, it is possible to mix and match these to get the best out of them. However, to ensure that these are compatible with each other, you need to enlist the help of a professional.

1). Cabinet and bookshelf type speakers

The manner in which these are designed is so as to make them fit on the TV cabinet or even shelves. Because they are not fixed at specific positions, they can literally be put anywhere.

2). Bookshelf and cabinet type speakers

These are designed to be placed on your TV cabinet or on shelving and are not fixed into position and so can be adjusted where necessary.

3). In-wall speakers
As their name suggest, they are mounted inside the wall of the home theater. You will require a professional to install them for you.

4). On-wall Speakers

Mounted with brackets, these kinds of speakers are made in a way that they fit flush against walls. These are the types of sound systems used in most cases with flat screen TV’s.

• Design of your room

The layout, design, shape as well as size are very important when you are deciding the kind of speakers to buy. This is especially with regard to the speaker placement. In the same regard, also pay attention to the places where sockets are located, where cables will run, as well as leave sufficient space for other people to pass and sit.

• Room size

With a small room, you won’t necessarily require large sound gadgets. This is because the sound resulting from these speakers can be too loud for your small room.

• Compare demo models

This will give you an idea into the sound quality of each sound gadget. Depending on the type of casing materials used for different speakers, their sound quality will really vary.

• Cost

This does not however mean that you should always go for the cheapest. Just compare prices from three or more outlets to get an idea of the average price being charged. This prevents you from overpaying for the gadget.

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